TreasuryXpress, the global leader in on-demand treasury management solutions (TMS) today announced its partnership with FXD Capital, an innovative money broker and deposit specialist. The partnership aims to empower corporate treasurers and finance directors to achieve comprehensive cash visibility and improve the way they manage their idle cash.

“There’s some degree of inertia for CFOs and treasurers to make their idle cash work harder even though they recognise the value that could come from it.” says Bobby Jackson, Managing Director and Co-Founder of FXD. “Understandably and until now, many have seen this as a time-consuming and futile task given the historically low rates environment.”

FXD Capital provides services that help corporates enhance liquidity, diversify counterparty risk and maximise yield, through a wide range of Term Deposits, Notice Accounts, and Money Market Funds.

Bobby continues, “We broker deposits to generate better returns from their cash, in a way that reduces counterparty risk and ensures sufficient accessibility of funds in line with their cash requirements. TreasuryXpress provides the insight and tools treasurers need to gain a comprehensive view of their liquidity and cash.”

Through this joint offering, clients of TreasuryXpress will now be able to leverage FXD’s expertise in providing a proactive deposit rate aggregation solution to:

  • Access and take advantage of a broader range of counterparties and rates; thereby, reducing time spent on rate negotiation and onboarding processes to increase the value of idle cash.
  • Diversify relationships and reduce risk by aligning counterparty fundamentals with treasury policies.
  • Improve cash utilisation and liquidity through streamlined cash visibility, decision making, and reporting.

“Through our on-demand treasury management solution, we enable treasurers to analyse their entire cashflow and position, identifying better opportunities to put their cash to work,” adds Tom Leitch, chief operating officer of TreasuryXpress. “By leveraging FXD to identify better rates and match our clients with complementary counterparties, we make it easier for clients to achieve a better return on their cash.”

Partnering with FXD, supports TreasuryXpress’ vision of delivering on-demand solutions that provide clients with rapid access to information and best-in-class technology that continuously improve their daily and strategic treasury operations.

Leitch concludes, “Cash management and utilisation is an ongoing, dynamic and time-consuming process. This partnership exemplifies the quality and value that we at TreasuryXpress perpetually strive to bring to our clients’ experience.”