FXD Capital | Money Broker & Deposit Specialist.


FXD Capital is a brokerage firm specialising in cash deposits and money markets.

We work with corporates, institutions, government agencies and not-for-profit organisations helping clients to enhance liquidity, diversify counterparty risk and maximise yield.

Through our extensive and diverse network of banks and financial institutions, FXD Capital bridges the gap between depositor and bank, offering clients access to a wide range of Term Deposits, Notice Accounts and Money Market Funds.

The team’s personal approach and experience in treasury, cash, cash equivalent instruments and liquidity management gives our clients unrivalled access to their very own proactive treasury risk management. Through our extensive wealth of contacts and supporting partners, FXD Capital are able to offer independent and practical counterparty risk assessment, enabling clients to make informed decisions and gain access to a broader offering than would otherwise be available.

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