In this podcast with The Global Treasurer’s Treasury LIVE series we discuss why, in today’s volatile business world, treasurers need to enhance liquidity, diversify counterparty risk and maximise yield.

Discussing this topic in more detail is Bobby Jackson, Managing Director at FXD Capital. Bobby founded FXD with Chris Huddleston in 2018, having spent almost a decade working together at one of the UK’s leading specialist banks. By offering term deposits, notice accounts and money market funds from a diverse range of banks and asset managers, FXD can:

  • Find the best rate for your deposits
  • Ensure liquidity at all times
  • Reduce single counterparty risk

Topics covered in the Podcast include:

  • The need for enhanced access to cash and liquidity in today’s economic climate
  • How corporate treasurers can make their cash work harder and maximize its value
  • The options available to corporates when it comes to enhancing returns
  • If this means treasurers should be looking beyond their banks and challenging the status quo in order to balance risk and returns

We hope you enjoy the podcast. To learn more about how FXD Capital can help your business please give Bobby or Chris a call on 02039685152 or email at